Elastic Planets Stepping into this black cube is like entering an intergalactic observation deck. Enveloped by mechanical whirs, buzzes and clicks, a parade of heavenly bodies is presented for inspection. This particular set is kaleidoscopic in colour, malleable in shape, kinetic in nature, frenetic in texture[...] Read more

Visions of sound Jason van Eyk Issue 117

Creating amid the cuts I begin my work as the new editor of Musicworks at a time of incredible artistic vibrancy and economic challenge. While working on this, my first issue of the magazine, I was reminded of the inventiveness and value of the sound created by the musicians and artists of today. And having stepped[...] Read more

Editorial Micheline Roi Issue 105

Psychotropic Sonics I’m lying on the living-room floor. I’ve been like this for two hours, on my back, in the dark, headphones on. The record on the turntable is literally locked in its groove and producing a low-note drone that at times sounds like a whale’s moan or some sort of detuned,[...] Read more

Featured Article Jay Somerset Issue 107